Pamela Ybañez is a Bay Area based artist. Her artwork incorporates personal and social investigations as a way to discuss inequalities, social hierarchies and as a way to strengthen her connection to her homeland. Examining how class and race affects different groups of people in similar and different ways, she examines her own history of migration, when they were allowed to come here, and how her being in this country relates to the Civil Rights Movement. Understanding that solidarity is key as she tries to comprehend what true liberation can be. Ultimately all her investigations lead her to systems of power and that the American idea of freedom is only for some and not for all people. 


In the past few years she’s been learning about the awe inspiring history of weaving in the Philippines and how it has been passed on generationally. She’s also looking at the separation of art from craft and questions why this separation exists and who does it benefit and why?


She has exhibited her work nationwide including at Hallwalls, Site:Brooklyn, East Hawaii Cultural Center, and Kearny Street Workshop. In 2003, she received her MFA from the University of Buffalo with a BA from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. She served as an adjunct instructor at Villa Maria College and SUNY at Brockport. She is a recipient of the Quick Grant through Center for Cultural Innovation and an SOS Grant with NYFA.

She is a founding member of a Filipina/o/x artists collective in the Bay Area called Epekto Art Projects and is also a member of Rock Paper Scissors Collective

"If you have success, if you live an incredible moment of happiness, that happiness is much much much more deep and big if you share with others. You get to the point together. The happiness and the feeling with others... is doubled. You know... this is the point."                         – Massimo Bottura

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